The trials for the honour of representing Ireland in the Teltscher (Senior Camrose) Trophy will be held on RealBridge over the weekend of 27-28 February. (The Teltscher event itself will be on 16-18 April.)

Entries have been received from the following three teams:

  • Team A: Paul Delaney, David Dunne, Fred Barry, Paul Porteous
  • Team B: Pat Quinn, Donal Garvey, Michael MacDonagh, Pat McDevitt, Enda Glynn, Gay Keaveney
  • Team C: Micheal O Briain, Padraig O Briain, Ranald Milne, BJ O’Brien, Peter Goodman, Terry Walsh

You’ll find the schedule and conditions of contest here, and partnership convention cards are presented below.

TEAM A: Delaney/Dunne  Barry/Porteous

TEAM B: Garvey/Quinn   MacDonagh/McDevitt   Glynn/Keaveney

TEAM C: O Briain/O Briain Milne/O’Brien Walsh/Goodman