Welcome to the redeveloped CBAI website. This exercise proved to be a bigger job than originally anticipated, so thank you for your patience.

Following feedback from members, our key objectives in the redevelopment of the site were to make it less cluttered, more useful, and easier to navigate, and to make it more accessible for users accessing it via a mobile device. In addition, we tried to make it easier for us to manage. We hope that these objectives have been achieved, and that you will like the new site and find it straightforward to use. All the important information from the previous site has been retained, and the layout has been simplified to make everything easier to find.

We would also like to take this opportunity to set out briefly some of the policy decisions we took in relation to the site:

  • We decided not to develop an online transaction facility for our bridge shop, on the basis that the volume of likely activity would not justify the cost and risk (financial fraud etc) involved;
  • Live competition results will be shown on the site (with short delays for security reasons) wherever possible via links to the relevant Tournament Director’s favoured website, and all national TDs will be strongly encouraged to make live results available for major competitions;
  • Due to capacity constraints, the results archive will be limited to the winners of national CBAI and IBU competitions only. Complete sets of results, including congresses etc, will be displayed in respect of the current season only. Congresses and regions will therefore need to ensure to keep historical records of their winners if desired.
  • Members will appreciate that In Memoriam and congratulatory notices will have to be limited to individuals and events of national standing or significance (e.g. international players, past-Presidents of the Association);
  • In similar vein, while we will endeavour to support or publicise regional or local events to the extent that we reasonably can in terms of the volume and level of work required if asked to do so, we would suggest that local or regional websites are in the vast majority of cases the more appropriate forum for this;
  • In the interests of data integrity, we have decided not to make the membership database available online; however, we would draw your attention to the facility introduced to the online entry system to allow you to look up another member’s NBID number.

We hope that you will like the new site. All comments and suggestions are welcome, either in person or via the Contact Us feature at the bottom of every page of the site.