Well done to the team of Ranald Milne, BJ O’Brien, Padraig O Briain, and Micheal O Briain, who qualified from the trials of 14-16 February to represent Ireland at senior level in two major events this summer – the European Teams Championships in Madeira, Portugal, in June and the World Bridge Games in Salsomaggiore, Italy, in August/early-September. The International Committee selected Terry Walsh and Peter Goodman to join them as a third pair.

In addition, Gilda Pender and Rebecca Brown have been selected by the International Committee as the third pair to join the Women’s trials winners, Teresa Rigney, Diane Greenwood, Joan Kenny, and Jeannie Fitzgerald, to represent Ireland in the women’s events in the same competitions.

I’m sure you will join us in congratulating the qualifiers and wishing them well in both championships.