CBAI President’s Award 2022/23

The CBAI President’s Award every year recognises the unsung heroes and heroines of Irish bridge – the volunteers without whom clubs or regions could not function, but who never seek acclaim or put themselves forward for formal office. I am sure we all know people like this. Well this is your chance to reward their contribution, by nominating them for the President’s Award. A special form is required, which is available on request from Head Office; typically, the winners are nominated by more than one person – either several members of a single club, or several clubs, or a club and the region. The more we know about their activities, the better. They can be teachers, TDs, scorers, administrators, virtual club managers, fundraisers, people who set up and clean up the playing room, etc.; in many cases our volunteers perform several of these roles all at once.

The closing date for nominations is 28 February 2023, after which CBAI President Pat O’Mahony will adjudicate on all the nominations. Anyone nominated previously but not chosen as a winner remains a candidate, so there is no need to nominate them again. There are always lots of deserving candidates, but we can only have one winner, so apologies in advance if your nominee is not chosen.

Trinity College Dublin Research Project Seeks Volunteers

We have been asked to canvass for volunteers for a research project being undertaken by Trinity College Dublin. It’s entitled “Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age”, and they are seeking volunteers aged 65-85 (with some other eligibility criteria) to go into the TCD Neuroscience Institute in Dublin for around three hours on three occasions to do some computerised tests while having their brain activity measured using electroencephalography (EEG) in a non-invasive and safe manner. Participants will be paid a small stipend for their participation. This sounds like a very useful piece of research, and we would encourage any bridge players in their target group to volunteer. If anyone is interested in participating, they should contact Jade Duffy ( You’ll find a fund a summary of the project, including the more detailed criteria for participation, here.