Ireland has a team playing in the Online European Seniors Cup, currently being run by the Polish Bridge Union. The team is Adam Mesbur & Nick FitzGibbon, Peter Goodman & Terry Walsh, Ranald Milne & BJ O’Brien, and Micheal & Padraig O Briain, with Derek O’Gorman as NPC. Grandmasters all, since Ranald’s recent ascension to that rank, and we wish them every success in the tournament.

You can find full details of the competition and monitor their progress here . A small number of matches are being shown on VuGraph on BBO, on a time-delayed basis, in the evenings, so it may be possible to watch our team online if their match is chosen. The competition runs daily until 18 October, with eleven rounds of qualification matches on a Swiss basis until 15 October, and playoffs thereafter.