The Northern Ireland Bridge Union will host the Ciara Burns Gala Pairs as a virtual competition on BBO on Friday 29 July at 7 p.m., and CBAI members are welcome to enter. Use this online form to enter, and we are reliably assured that your CBAI number will be accepted.

The event will consist of three separate sections – one for Intermediate As (20+ boards, depending on entry), one for Intermediate Bs (approximately 20 boards, depending on entry), and one for Novices (15+ boards). The entry fee is BB$2 per player, and robots will not be allowed, other than as emergency substitutes for technical problems. Pre-entry is required by phone or WhatsApp to Norman Lacey (00447825683434), and and entries close at 1 p.m. on the day of the competition.

(For anyone who did not know Ciara Burns, whom this event commemorates, she was an international bridge player of great skill and ingenuity, a wonderfully bubbly and charming character, a great supporter of intermediate and novice players, and an all-round force of nature, who unfortunately died very suddenly in 2017 at the young age of just 45. If you’re interested you can find an interview with her and some personal reminiscences of her here. A great turnout in Ciara’s memory would be very appropriate.)