You may have noticed that your membership card for the 2019/20 season contains a new identification number, described as a “NBID” (New Bridge ID) number.

This is a new 5-digit number that can be used on Bridgemates (unlike the old CBAI number, which was not Bridgemate-friendly because it contained a letter as well as digits).

The intention over time is to phase out the old CBAI number and replace it with the NBID number. However, we recognise that this will take time, so for the moment, both numbers will continue to be valid. We suggest that you use the NBID number wherever possible, and get yourself familiar with it. In time, you will be able to use it as your unique identifier on Bridgemates at your local club, in regional competitions and congresses, and in national events – making things easier for yourself, for the CBAI, and for our Tournament Directors.

To assist you in getting used to using the NBID, we have built a search facility on the CBAI online competitions entry system ( to allow you to look up your own NBID number and/or the numbers of your playing partner or teammates.

We hope that will be helpful. If you need any further information on the new numbering system, just give us a call on (01) 4929666.