We are continuing to put together a full directory of virtual clubs operating within the CBAI ambit, in particular to alert players looking for a game to clubs that are open for non-members. Thanks to those clubs who have already sent us the requested information. You’ll find a list of them, and their details, here. However, it is probably not complete … so if you haven’t supplied us with your club’s information yet (or if you have and we have overlooked it to date), please do so as soon as you can, particularly if you can offer a game to non-members who are prepared to add to the revenues being generated by your club. In addition, in a new initiative Clonmel Bridge Centre is planning a new club for people in their 20s and 30s who are looking for an activity at the weekends. The plan is to offer lessons in person once the public health restrictions allow it. For now they are canvassing for interest, so if you know anyone in that age bracket and area who might like to take up bridge, please contact Shula McCarthy on (083) 3403740. Currently, members of the Clonmel Bridge Centre are playing online three times a week – Mondays 10:00-12:00 and 19:30-22:00, and Wednesdays 19:30-22:00. If you are already a bridge player and are interested in joining them, Shula will be happy to hear from you.