The weekend of 19-21 April sees the Lady Milne Trophy (Women’s Home International Championship) being hosted by Ireland and held in the CityNorth Hotel in Gormanstown. Kibitzers are welcome all weekend, and all the matches will be broadcast, with a short delay, on RealBridge, including audio-visual commentary from a panel of expert commentators.

You’ll find full details of the event, including pen pictures of all the players, the match schedule, and a history of the event in this booklet: Lady Milne Programme 2024. As hosts, Ireland supplies two teams to the competition, one as “Ireland” the other as “CBAI“. We have never won the Lady Milne, and, after a narrow and agonising defeat last year, we’re hoping this may be the year that we break our duck!

If you simply wish to check the match schedule, you’ll find it here.

Here is the link to watch the vugraph on RealBridge, and you’ll find system cards for all the pairings on the BGB website, while the live results will be updated here.

Best of luck to all the teams, and we hope everyone will enjoy the weekend.