Best of luck to the Irish teams who will do battle for the Lady Milne (women’s home international championship) and Teltscher (senior home international championship) trophies this weekend, 30 October-1 November. The event will be held on the new RealBridge and you can kibitz using this link.

Our lineup for the Lady Milne Trophy is Joan Kenny & Teresa Rigney, Rebecca Brown & Gilda Pender, and Maria Whelan & Marian Croke, with NPC Peter Pigot. Full details available here.

As the original host nation, we have two teams competing in the Teltscher Trophy. Representing the CBAI are Micheal & Padraig O Briain, Ranald Milne & BJ O’Brien, and Terry Walsh & Peter Goodman, with NPC Derek O’Gorman, while the Host Sponsor’s team is Pat Quinn (PC) & Donal Garvey, Gay Keaveney & Enda Glynn, and Michael MacDonagh & Pat McDevitt. Full details available here.