We are delighted to announce that the following were the top finishers in the Irish Bridge Journal’s Play and Bidding Quizzes for the 2023 editions of the Journal:

  • Play Quiz: National/Regional Master Hugh McDermott; Area Master Martin Staunton; Intermediate Maria Callinan
  • Bidding Quiz: National/Regional Master Noel Mullan; Area Master Willie O’Gorman; Intermediate Eoin Manning

Vouchers for the CBAI bookshop will soon be winging their way to these winners. Well done to them all, and thanks to all who entered, and to our quizmasters Tomás Roche (Play) and Bob Pattinson (Bidding).

As notified in the recent edition of the Journal, the editorial board has decided on a change of tack in relation to the quizzes from here on. Entries for the Play Quiz were very limited, so it has been decided, starting with the current edition, to make this a self-test item, with the quiz early in the publication and the answers towards the back of it. So if you’re keen to test yourself, you can develop your solution without peeking ahead, and then check how you did. The Bidding Quiz generated more responses, and also has the external panel involvement, so that will stay as it is, with the exception that we will in future award a prize to both the best Novice/Intermediate and the best Master (below Life Master) answer in EACH edition, rather than running it over an entire season. So more chances for you to win! Why not give it a go and see how you get on when the expert panel answers will appear in the next edition.