We are pleased to present the latest issue of the Irish Bridge Journal, which contains the usual array of articles on the events, personalities, and experiences of bridge, in Ireland and overseas, along with tips and guidance from some of our top teachers. There are also the usual two quizzes, on bidding and play. A reminder that the format of the Play Quiz has changed, with the answers appearing later in the current edition. The Bidding Quiz continues to offer prizes for the best reader entries; send your answers please to Bob Pattinson by 7 July. Congratulations to the winner from the last edition, Konstantin Rabkin.

Thanks again to our editor Enda Murphy, our designer Sue Power, all our contributors, and of course our advertisers.

We continue to welcome your comments and suggestions, and we are also in the market for new contributions, especially from intermediate, novice, and junior players, so if you have any ideas for features, please let Enda Murphy know.