We hope you are enjoying the IBU Simultaneous Pairs week for 2021, with games every day this week. Thanks to all those clubs that are participating. You are contributing very valuable funds to the IBU (a confederation of the CBAI and the NIBU which is responsible for sending teams to international competitions). The next European Championship is scheduled for Madeira in June 2022, so the funds raised will go towards the expense of the four teams (Open, Women, Seniors, and Mixed) due to represent Ireland there. The arrangements are a little complicated this season because some clubs will be playing in-person, some online, and some in a combination of the two, but however you have played the event, we hope that your members have enjoyed it.

The results can be found on the ECATS website, which is also where your members should go to check their rankings in the national standings once you have uploaded your results. We will be presenting the usual prizes to the winners, both overall and within the various sub-categories.

The daily commentaries are also available on the ECATS site, and have been sent to all the participating clubs for distribution, and will also be uploaded here once each nightly game has finished. Our thanks to our expert analysts for this season, Brian Senior, Paul Delaney, and Enda Glynn.

Monday Commentary Tuesday Commentary Wednesday Commentary Thursday Commentary Friday Commentary

If you have any feedback to assist us in organising future Simultaneous Pairs events, we’d be happy to hear it.