George Ryan will hold three charity bridge competitions, under the South Midland Virtual Club licence, on 10 April in aid of Dawn Walk/Teach Dara in Kildare. This is a suicide counselling service within the region, and usually raises funds by way of a dawn walk.

This year, the walk will be impossible due to COVID restrictions, so the charity is looking at other ideas, and George has come up the bridge events to raise funds for this important work. You’ll be pleased to note that you won’t have to get up at dawn to play! There will be three tournaments during the day, at 9:30, 14:30, and 19:30. The entry fee is BBO$9.50 in each case, and with the CBAI having waived its small charge, and BBO charging only a nominal amount, virtually all the funds raised will go to this good cause. We would encourage you to play if you can.

The tournaments are open, so no pre-entry is required. Look for CBAI125506 or Dawn Walk – Morning, Dawn Walk – Afternoon, Dawn Walk – Evening, as appropriate.