As thoughts turn to a potential return to face-to-face bridge, a number of suppliers of equipment designed to mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 virus have contacted us to ask us to bring their various product ranges to the attention of our affiliated clubs. As previously advised, we have sourced a large number of perspex screens ourselves, at a very reasonable cost; if you were a part of our initial order, it has arrived and may be collected from our offices. Please give us a call first to let us know when to expect you, and please also bear in mind that the packages in which they are contained are both awkward and reasonably heavy, so select your collecting agent, or preferably agents, appropriately!

DBC Group is a locally-based supplier of the full range of PPE, including face masks and shields, contactless thermometers, and hand sanitiser and wipes.

Don Keating Group is another locally-based supplier of hygiene equipment and cleaning supplies, including hand sanitiser and dispensers, disinfectant, and cleaning materials.

Ilimex supplies air purification and sterilisation units to eliminate airborne pathogens, such as the coronavirus, which could be suitable for bridge venues, and have provided us with a brochure.

Sterilite supplies a range of equipment designed to keep people safe by minimising the spread of viruses. They have put together a brochure for us, and also a short video illustrating how their UV-light wand could be used to sanitise cards, tables, and other equipment.

Zoono produces a range of disinfectants that they maintain will fully satisfy the cleaning protocols for clubs set out in our guide on returning to in-person bridge. You’ll find contact details for their Irish supplier here.