For the information of all members, we have now converted the CBAI online entry system ( to accept NBID indentifiers only. So your “old” CBAI number will no longer enable you to access the system. As you probably know, the CBAI number is being phased out in favour of the Bridgemate-friendly NBID. And we reckoned everyone has now had enough time to adjust to the new world of NBID’s.

If you don’t know your own NBID yet, it is on your membership card alongside the old CBAI number. And if you don’t know your partner’s or teammates’ NBIDs, the good news is that you can look them up from within the online entry system itself. Simply log in, go to the Main Menu, and select Find NBIDs.

It’s as easy as that. And anyone you play regularly with will be listed conveniently within your profile, on the lower right-hand side. So no excuses now not to use this very convenient (both for you and for us!) system for entering the various competitions for which it is utilised – essentially all the open-entry CBAI and IBU competitions, plus some congresses and regional events, starting with the Burke and O’Connor Trophies this weekend.

We have also fixed a problem which had developed in the online entry system in relation to non-CBAI players. Any non-CBAI player previously recognised within the system should now be recognised again – apologies for any inconvenience caused by the temporary outage. And if you are a NIBU, EBU, WBU, or SBU player (or indeed a player from any other international federation) intending to play regularly in online Irish events, please let us know and we can add you to the list. Please note however that the Burke and O’Connor Trophies, as specifically All-Ireland competitions, are strictly limited to CBAI and NIBU players only.