The CBAI’s International Committee has decided on the following dates for our CBAI trials for the foreseeable future:

  • Pre-Qualifier Trials – the last weekend in September, so 24-25 September for 2022/23 season, closing date for entries 12 August 2022;
  • Camrose Trials – the last weekend in October, so 29-31 October for 2022/23 season, closing date for entries 16 September 2022;
  • Lady Milne Trials – the second weekend in November, so 11-13 November for 2022/23 season, closing date for entries 30 September 2022;
  • Teltscher Trials – the first weekend in February, so 3-5 February for 2022/23 season, closing date for entries 16 December 2022.

This exercise will streamline the number of weekends required for trials, and will allow both the CBAI and potential triallists to plan their calendars with certainty. Our thanks to the International Committee (Ranald Milne, Convenor, Hilary Dowling-Long, Micheal O Briain, Derek Gorman, and Lucy Phelan) for their work on this issue, and to all the potential triallists who gave us their feedback and responded to surveys.

2022/23 Pre-Qualifier Trials Preliminary Notice 2022/23 Camrose Trials Preliminary Notice 2022/23 Lady Milne Trials Preliminary Notice 2022/23 Teltcher Trials Preliminary Notice

The Pre-Qualifier Trials in September are aimed at giving players who are not otherwise eligible to enter trials an opportunity to experience trials conditions, and potentially to qualify for either the full Camrose or Lady Milne trials. The event is confined to players (a) with at least 50 National Points, or (b) who have earned at least 25 National Points within the previous three bridge seasons, and will take place, on a pairs basis, subject to a minimum entry of 12 pairs. See the notice above for full details.