Given that most people have a bit more time on their hands than normal these days, we are finding lots of interest in learning bridge, or in improving your bridge if you are already playing. All tuition is currently online for the moment, of course, but a number of our CBAI-accredited teachers are embracing the virtual arena, and the platforms for online learning are also adapting quickly. You’ll find a full list of the teachers active online here, and we will keep members posted periodically on new developments in this area.

Helen Holman will be running a refresher course on basic bidding online on Tuesdays at 19:30, starting on 3 August, and is also offering a complete set of online classes and workshops for Beginners, Recent Learners, Improvers, and Intermediate Players, starting in early September. Full details of all the topics to be covered, and the dates and times, here. Contact Helen on 087-2335340 to register or for more information.

Peter Pigot has also announced his teaching plans for the new season – full details here.

We hope that prospective students will find something to suit them. And if you are a teacher active online yourself, please let us know and we will be happy to add your classes to our website.