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New WBF Victory Point scales

Simple (discrete) VP Scale

The World Bridge Federation has issued new recommended Victory Point scales, which will come into force in CBAI events on 1st September 2013

The Simple (Discrete) Scale is suitable for club competitions

Clck on the link below for the appropriate scale:

Full Scale  3-Boards 4-boards 5-Boards 6-Boards 7-Boards 8 Boards 9-Boards 10-Boards

12-Boards 14-Boards16-Boards 20-Boards 24-Boards 28-Boards 32-Boards

Continuous VP Scale

The Continuous Scale is used for National and Regional competitions

and extends to two decimal places

Clck on the link below for the appropriae scale:

Full Scale 3-Boards 4-Boards 5-Boards 6-Boards 7-Boards 8-Boards 9-Boards

10-Boards 11-Boards 12-Boards 13-Boards 14-Boards 15-Boards

16-Boards 17-Boards 18-Boards 19-Boards 20-Boards 22-Boards 24-Boards